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We have lived in Cleguerec for several years, we know the sector and the environment well and are there to support you in your process of selling or setting up in Cleguerec.
We have accompanied many people to sell or buy property in Cleguerec (and we have some in our portfolio today!), And are always looking to buy other property around Lac de Guerledan.

We have something truly incredible in the environment around us, between Lake Guerledan and its beaches, the historic places that dot our countryside, the diversity of landscapes and local cultural dynamism. You can take a walk along the Blavet in the morning in St. Aignan to reach the dam, a mountain bike tour in the Quenecan forest at noon, to finish with water skiing or a hike around the Guerledan Lake. In terms of real estate, we also have a great mix of farmhouses dating back several centuries, to neo-Bretons in peri-urban areas, to architect-designed or new houses meeting current standards!

If you are looking to sell your property in Cleguerec, in Morbihan, on the outskirts of Lake Guerledan, or in the surrounding countryside, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it together and see if we could support you in your project !

Cléguérec [klegeʁɛk] is a French commune located in the department of Morbihan, in the Brittany region. The small town is the capital of the Chistr’per country, which owes its name to the local and artisanal production of perry, that is to say, pear cider. Cléguérec is located 12 km north-west of Pontivy. The town covers 6,299 ha including 736 of wood (Quénécan forest). The Blavet flows to the east of the municipal territory. Its course serves as a natural border with the neighboring town of Neuillac. He draws wide meanders there. This portion of the river corresponds to a disused section of the Nantes-Brest canal. The pale blue Tremadocian schist of Cléguérec was previously exploited in several open quarries near Boduic in Cléguérec. Rock “of exceptional originality in Brittany, by its pale blue hue with a slight greenish-gray shade, with marked lineation”, it is “essentially composed of quartz and muscovite, with subordinate chlorite, often riddled with tiny chloritoid crystals. “. It has been sought after for sculpture and habitat beyond the limits of the Cléguérec terroir.
Socio-professional distribution of the population of Cleguerec
Typology of Main Residences in the town

Why work with Brittany House Buyers?
Brittany House Buyers is THE specialist and the only Professional Home Buyer in the sector, we do not act as an agency as an intermediary, because we BUY your house ourselves! We know the sector very well and know very precisely what we are looking for in terms of criteria and location, which means that we can make you an offer extremely quickly on your house if it meets our acquisition criteria. If you are selling a house, do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you very quickly to discuss it together!
We buy goods in the town of Cleguerec, a constantly developing town, because many young families want to settle there, but often do not have the resources to acquire AND renovate a property on site, since many lots are not available. more up to date nor do they meet current standards (electricity in particular). Costs are always to be expected, but we seek by this to help energize the town.

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