Investing in the Pinel Law in 2024 in France

The Pinel Law, a real estate tax exemption scheme introduced in 2014, has sparked keen interest among investors seeking to benefit from tax advantages while contributing to the rental market. This scheme offers substantial tax benefits to investors who acquire new or off-plan properties (VEFA) in areas with high demand, but it also has certain … Continued
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LMNP in 2024, fiscal advantages to rush to in France

The Non-Professional Furnished Rental (LMNP in 2024) is a real estate investment strategy that is attracting increasing interest among investors looking for stable additional income and attractive tax benefits. Unlike unfurnished rental, the LMNP in 2024offers a range of advantages that make it a particularly lucrative and flexible option. One of the main advantages of … Continued

Optimize Your Taxes through Deficit Property Investment

Investing in deficit property in 2024 represents an advanced tax strategy for real estate investors looking to reduce their tax burden while building a real estate portfolio. This approach allows for significant tax savings by leveraging deductible expenses related to the renovation of older properties. By investing in an older property in need of renovation, … Continued
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Pros and cons of becoming a House Flipper

Have you ever thought of buying and selling real estate, and you’d like to know more about it? Or maybe you need to sell your own house, but don’t know if you can trust selling it to a House flipper? Advantages of the real estate trader profession: Disadvantages of the real estate trader profession: In … Continued

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Property Wholesaler to Buy a House in Brittany

So how does wholesaling work? Wholesalers offer investors the opportunity to realize significant returns on properties without doing all of the leg work for themselves to locate the property. Instead, wholesalers find these properties through marketing efforts that bring in potential investments. Then, they inspect the property and negotiate with the owner. Typically never buying … Continued

5 Ways to Handle Bad Tenants in Brittany

It can be emotionally wearing when you have a tenant that has become far less stellar than the referrals you reviewed and the information provided on their application that led you to accept them in your property.  When facing such a difficult situation, it’s constructive to have a guide providing you with options and steps … Continued

5 Downfalls of Inheriting a House in Brittany

Often, homeowners will their house to beloved family or friends with the best intentions. But, while it may seem like a windfall when you find out that someone has inherited property, the realities are not always so wonderful. It can be beneficial to understand the problems that could arise on the path before you, so … Continued